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If you want to enjoy every beer that comes your way, join over 10,000 Beer Drop members. Members of Beer Drop have a 97% satisfaction rating because Beer Drop offers the flexibility that no other beer subscription can. 

"Beer Drop's craft beer service made our list of the best subscription boxes because it allows you to get super specific when customizing your orders (which is a major boon for picky beer drinkers, whether you're more of a malt guy, an IPA enthusiast, or prefer a tart sour). To get started, you'll select some of your top beer preferences from a range of categories on the site. Then, working with breweries around the country, Beer Drop supplies you with a personalized order of five different craft beers (two cans of each) to sip throughout the month. Serious beer fanatics can even opt for a Beer Drop Plus or Beer Drop Ultimate membership that include special releases and rare beers."

"Some of the beer subscription boxes on this list don't leave much of the beer selection up to you, but not so with Beer Drop. This beer delivery box startup offers different plans, but with all of them, you can select your favorite type of beer and specific beer styles that go into your monthly craft beer subscription box shipments. That includes IPAs, fruity-forward beers, Belgian beer and others varieties. "

Monthly drops of microbrewery offerings start at $39 per month and your subscription can be canceled anytime. Also notable: The Beer Drop brews are all canned, so you'll never have to worry about a broken bottle."